15th Waterford Film Festival Seeks Submissions

The fifteenth Waterford Film Festival is now open for submissions for films of various categories as well as scripts. This years festival is due to go ahead, however Covid 19 is still very much part of our daily lives and it is highly likely that some form of restrictions will remain in place for most of the year.

This year it is difficult to see venues being in a position to run multiple event, back to back and on consecutive days, as is requested by a festival structure. It is the festival’s aim to at least have a physical awards presentation following the festival weekend in the house of Waterford Crystal. For these reasons as well as for the health and safety of everyone involved all selected films will be presented on a virtual (password protected) subscriber only based platform for the 2021 festival.

Waterford film festival and Odeon Cinemas Waterford

The Waterford Film Festival is Delighted to announce that they have entered into a new venue partnership with new venue partners Odeon Cinemas, who it is hoped will be hosting the event in 2022 in their cinema located in Poleberry Waterford. This will mark the first time that the city’s film festival will be hosted by a commercial cinema and it is hoped that the move will pull in new and varied audiences. The festival’s director expressed his wish that the move will be one that audiences and the festival team as a whole enjoy, “This is exciting news for the festival and our supporters. By the time this event happens it will be over two years since we had a physical screening with a live audience. All the festival team are looking forward to returning to a theatre setting and for the first time in a cinema. I am excited that we will be presenting a wide range of short films, from different cultures and backgrounds from around the world to old and new audiences. It will be a brand new experience for all involved. This will be the start of a new chapter for the festival which we are excited about and look forward to working with the Odeon in producing our 2022 programme”. As part of the film festival there will also be a revamp of their already existing film and screenplay competitions.

Principle Image Photography Competition

As well as bringing you the best in film, the Waterford Film Festival hope to delight your senses further when they present for the first time a brand new photography competition which will be entitled, Principle Image Photography Competition. One of the prizes includes exhibit space provided by Odeon Cinemas.

For further details on all competitions log onto http://www.waterfordfilmfestival.net or http://www.freeway.com/waterfordfilmfestival

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