A Confused Tale of a confused Land: My Country: a work in progress

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

What happens when many voices shout in the darkness at the same time; each with it's own message, it's own unique set of wants and needs? That's the question posed by My Country: a work in progress, the national theatre's interpretation of events surrounding last year's EU referendum. Based on a nationwide project that the National Theatre undertook in conjunction with the Playhouse among others the performance puts the voice of the voter centre stage.

In the style of a television debate people representing various regions of the United Kingdom line up along side each other. Each "character" quotes directly from personal testimony of people involved in the referendum, both famous, infamous and anonymous; both the priveledged and the poor.

Each character from each area quotes directly from the testimony of those members of the public they encountered. It couldn't help but be noticed that the "character" from this part of the world struggled to have their voice heard during the play and it remains unclear whether this was a deliberately rehearsed element of the performance or merely the observation of this particular reviewer.

While aspects of My Country: a work in progress are to be admired and while it is certainly thought provoking it remains unclear whether or not the performance is judging the whole process of the vote one way or another or is simply providing a documentary of the events in question

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