Downton Abbey Shines on the big screen

As a TV series it has enthralled audiences all over the world and won countless awards since it debuted in 2010. Now the saga of the Grantham family comes to the big screen with all the opulence and grandeur magnified on to the big the big screen.

The plot of this latest encounter revolves around the visit to Downton Abbey of King George V and Queen Mary of Tek. At first the staff and residents of Downton are both delighted and daunted at the prospect of trying to bring the great old residence up to standard for their royal visitors. In the meantime Branson's head is turned and his loyalties are tested, but will he give into temptation.

In the meantime the dowager, played as ably as ever by Maggie Smith, has to contend with the visit of her cousin, who happens to be the Queen's lady in waiting, who she is in dispute with over the future of the family's fortune.

The various strands of sub plots more than hold the audiences attention, with some entertaining outcomes. The regular cast are blended seemlessly with some well cast added extras to on the whole make a film that enhances the reputation already set by the television series. It must be said that you wouldn't even need to be a regular viewer of the television series in order to enjoy the film. Definitely worth seeing.

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