Hauntingly fantastic: Ghostbusters... retro delights at Playhouse.

Ghostbusters like you have never experienced it before! Based on the 1930's radio play that is said to have inspired Harold Ramis to have written the original Ghostbusters screenplay, Wireless Mystery Theatre take the audience back to the 1930's where they meticulously recreate the original motion picture as a radio play similar to Orson Welles' 'War of the Worlds, (a performance so convincing at the time that audiences across the United States were convinced they were really facing an imenant alien invasion).

This entertaining performance's strength lies in it's authenticity as the audience is tranformed back to the 1930's.Complete with comercials for lifebhoy soap the pace is non-stop and meticulously re-imagines the original radio play which the successfull film was based on with a humour and imagination to captivate the audience.

The only word of caution I would use is the "Winston"character, while it's always entertaining to laugh at a character like this, is it something that would work well with an audience further from home.

On the whole Ghostbusters... Retro is a humerus, imaginative and entertaining show. I look forward to seeing further work from Wireless Mystery Theatre and would insist that anyone who has the opportunity to see this show should not pass it up.

Ghostbusters... retro is currently on tour, see local press for details.

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