Opening of Jewel Mind at Playhouse

Mark Luukas has been painting for over twenty years. Although born in Chester England in 1979 Derry has been Mark's home nearly all of his life. He has been painting for twenty years, finding it relaxing and a great way of reflecting the world around him. Mark sold his first work at the age of 18.

After graduating Mark has gone on to have five acclaimed exhibitions north and south of the border in various styles including still life, figurative, abstraction and semi abstraction.

However for the past four years Mark has based his work on memory and invention and has entitled this exhibition jewels of mind. Mark's vivid imagination has allowed him to paint a great range of subjects, nearly all of which are drawn from memories and experiences throughout his life.

The colour palette which he uses as well as the subject matters involved allow Luukas to create works of great vibrancy and imagination.

The Jewels of Mind exhibition is on in the Playhouse's main gallery until 23rd August

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