Seamus Gallagher Exhibition Delights audience

A generous crowd gathered in the Warehouse Gallery in Derry on Thursday night for the opening of Coast: Paintings by Seamus Gallagher.

On display were a series of seascapes depicting the environment which Seamus grew up with on his doorstep in Derry and which he currently lives among, having resided in Donegal for the past twenty five years.

There is a beautiful earthy texture to Seamus’s work and it is clear that he has not just captured his surroundings perfectly but lives and breathes the very sea air reflected in his work.

The collection is full of blues of every tone you can imagine when you look out to sea, in fact looking upon his work you can imagine looking at picture postcards that you send to friends and family on holiday. His work is almost effortless as he captures scenery which has become second nature to him. The exhibition continues until September 14th.

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