Lovely Leitrim Invites audiences to get up and Dance!

Posted on Apr 2, 2021 by Culture Journal Ireland

Monday sees the start of five days of energetic dancing as part of the Leitrim Dance Festival. Like so many events these days events will, for the second year running be taking place online. This does nothing to take away from the wide range of exciting events which are due to take place as part of the festival as a globe full of dancing talent join the locals in the wee county to help everyone find their dancing rhythm. Over the five days a range of different acts from as far afield as Quebec and Hungary, will be taping, and step dancing for your entertainment. As well as a range of performances there will be concerts, workshops and films to help you feel energised as the air of spring winds it’s way to from Leitrim to your very own doorstep. For more information on all the acts dancing their way to Leitrim visit Leitrim Dance Festival — Leitrim Dance Project

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