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Books that inspire; long after the turn of the last page;

Moments on stage that touch the soul; long after the final curtain;

Moments on screen that capture the heart; long after the final credit!

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True North: Restoring Ormiston

Ormiston House is a rather ornate highlight on the otherwise ordinary landscape of Belfast. Lying on the outskirts of the East of the...

Marvelous: A Truly Human Story

Marvellous, staring Toby Jones is a truly human story about following your dreams and reaching beyond supposed limitation which...

Viceroy's House

Viceroy’s House is a biopic of a country as much as a person. Although the primary narrative is to tell the story of the events that Lord...

We All Want to be Normal People

It’s taken Culture Journal Ireland a while to get into this one, but with seemingly everyone talking about Normal People, for one reason...

Dublin Murders

Based upon the novels of Tana French, Dublin Murders starts with detectives Riley and Maddocks being called to a crime scene where a body...

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