Sisters doing it for themselves in the art world of South Kerry

Updated: May 4

The weekend saw the opening of an exhibition of art by women artists in Kerry. The Buttermarket Gallery in Kenmare Co. Kerry was the venue for the launch of Insta Expo an exhibition of nine emerging artists.

Each of the artists featured takes a different approach to their work and are at different stages of their lives but what each of them has in common is potent potential energy as they emerge into their art careers. The exhibition acknowledges the power that can be displayed within vulnerability and within the showcasing of new work in public, this following a period of challenges and artistic growth in the studio.

Each of the artists displays their own unique styles and a variety of themes. Each of these is in turn inspired by the life experiences of each of the artists and in turn, combine to celebrate the different artistic disciplines involved. The artists involved are Kataryna Gajewska, Stephanie Sloan, Liza Kavanagh, Emma Sheridan, Molly Brown, Brid Moynahan, Emma Eustace, Jessica Williams Callan and Ciara O'Connor.

The exhibition runs until 26th March, The Buttermarket Gallery is open from 11-5 pm Tuesday-Saturday.

You can get more information about the exhibition and the artists involved by contacting The Buttermarket Gallery in Kenmare.

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