Dead Still: a subtly comic macabre delight

Set in 19th Century Dublin Dead Still first shown in Ireland during Halloween weekend, staring Michael Smiley as memorial photographer Brock Blennerhasset. The plot and the feel of the entire show is just exactly what was needed for the Halloween season, macabre and comically delightful in equal and suitable measures, the plot of this particular episode revolved around the death of a young lady who’s true love was not approved by her family.

As a result the young lady was buried without the attendance of her fiancé or the ring which he gave her. The hilarity is commenced when her fiancé tries to enlist the help of Brock in order to have one last photo taken with his beloved. The majority of the episode is dominated when Blennerhasset and his newly appointed assistant are tasked before being able to photograph the happy couple with having to dig up the grave of the deceased.

It defiantly would not be recommended for anyone to watch Dead Still without having a healthily dark sense of humour. It is not to be forgotten that the practice of digging up the dead, even in the case of a suspicious death, at this time was considered most distasteful. Therefore the added factor of digging one up to have a posthumous wedding photograph taken would most decidedly frowned upon.

Added to the list of characters is Blennerhasset’s niece, who it might be forgiven for mistaken as merely being there as the love interest of Blennerhasset’s assistant, she is however there to keep Blennerhasset’s more chaotic tendencies in check.

Overall with the deep dark nights of winter setting in, Dead Still is a deliciously delightful addition to the evening schedules. Watch out for it on Sunday night’s at 9.30 on RTÉ, those outside of Ireland will probably be able to watch it on the international version of the RTÉ player although at time of going to print this would need to be confirmed.

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