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Exhibitionist: Road to the RHA – Teaching us all how to appreciate life as art.

With over two thousand five hundred works submitted, of which only three hundred being submitted, the Royal Hibernian Academy’s annual call for new pieces really is competitive and a make or break life changing event for those who are chosen to exhibit their work. Exhibitionists: Road to the RHA, shown recently on RTÉ followed seven people from different backgrounds all over Ireland as they responded to the RHA’s open call for new artworks for an annual exhibition. As one person is seen to say, “The harder it is to get in the more people seem to want it”. This statement seems to exemplify the calm, quiet sort of passion with which artists as a whole view their work. The work of these people isn’t done in full view for all the world to see, but in the back rooms, kitchens, work sheds and garages all over Ireland. The opening scenes display people queued out the door on the morning of the opening of the exhibition, such is the popularity of the exhibition. This opening part of the documentary trails off with the scene of a bare white exhibition room which within months will be crowded with works and people.

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