Adam Nolan seeks to record new album

Updated: May 4

Adam Nolan is heading places and he's hoping to get the help of his many fans to get there. With a social media following nearly ready to break through into the thousands and with a stack of recordings already on Bandcamp Nolan is ready to produce his first physical album on vinyl: "All the recording is done but I’ve got to make funds to cover the massive amounts of advertising and promotion and physical sales of it including Vinyl Pressing".

Just a glance at Adam Nolan's social media makes his talent obvious to all. Of his own personal music ambitions he states that he's here to change music history by challenging himself to be the best that he can be. of his music he describes it as "Landscapes, moods and scenes striving to keep creative new material, each moment meditation is a driving force.

Nolan is especially excited about the line-up he has managed to amass for this particular recording, "I've got a great line-up of talent to help me put this album together, I've got Derek White on double bass and Dominic Mullan on drums which I am really excited about".

Of the style of the album itself Adam Nolan describes it as two different personas contrasting against each other, "The album is based on two different personalities, one is the clean, smooth, sweet and safe person who plays by the rules while the other is a bit avantgarde and takes a few more risks in life.

Adam Nolan is a young and enthusiastic jazz musician willing to take risks to produce good music and Culture Journal Ireland is happy to back his campaign.

"My goal is 5000 Euro by 14th of July. If I don’t reach this target I won’t get any of the money that’s how these campaigns work! There’s also rewards given after you chip in 20 Euros including 1/1 meditation lessons, signed CDs and music lessons so check them out in the link too! Spread the word also if you can’t afford to chip in!"

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