Bang on a Can All-Stars; A Blend of Sound that awakens your every sense

Just as there were beginning to be rumblings of a virus making it’s way around the world but hadn’t entirely stood still yet Culture Journal Ireland was able to squeeze one more outing in.

The low-key description of The Bang on a Can All-stars, through no fault of its own, did little justice to what awaited the audience at The Glassworks in Derry where the band were appearing as part of the Maiden city music Festival. Culture Journal Ireland, along with accompanying guests had sat at the front of the venue; only to be greeted by two enormous speakers at either side of the stage.

We had been reassured by band member Mark Stewart that our eardrums wouldn’t suffer any trauma from being so close to the proceedings. What he failed to mention; rather modestly, is just what a delight the proceedings would be.

To try to define Bang on a Can All-stars is no easy task, in fact it is believed that many have tried to define this strange and wonderous creature and not quite managed it. Leaping about audibly and effortlessly from one genre to the next and; in some cases, even including several genres into one piece Bang on a Can All-stars manage to concoct some of the freshest and innovative music ever experienced by Culture Journal Ireland.

With instruments in their repertoire which includes bass guitar, clarinet, cello piano and drums are brought together along with a series of “field recordings” (which happens to be the title of their most recent album) a series of recordings of every day sounds and voices which are then put together the most fabulous recordings which; when played live form a breathtakingly imaginative multimedia extravaganza of a show. If we ever get the chance to have lives shows back and if Culture Journal Ireland ever get the chance to go to bang on a can with the all-stars again; we’ll be right there at the front row again!

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