Tides Washes Away the Competition Yet Again

Tides, the multi-award winning and critically acclaimed film about the River Foyle in Derry has just achieved another international award. Since its release in 2017, Tides has achieved a huge amount of success on the international film festival circuit and praise from juries and critics alike, amassing a grand total of 15 international awards to date. The film, defined by critics as “docudream” because of its magical and dreamlike aura, won an incredible raft of awards around the world and tells the story of the majestic River Foyle in Derry. The film is directed by Italian director Alessandro Negrini, who, from time to time, calls Derry his home. Negrini previously directed the multi award winning film Paradiso, a very human tale about the Fountain estate; the only protestant estate remaining on the city’s west bank. . Tides, set in Derry, Northern Ireland, is the the story of a river that has become a liquid border, the River Foyle. The river transcends many identities, flowing from one county to another and has managed to remain untouched by the recent chaos created by the folly of “Brexit”. Director of photography is renowned Oddgeir Saether who was Dop in David Lynch’s Inland Empire. The documentary also boasts the editing skills of Belfast based Stuart Sloan. Recently, Negrini has been selected by one of the most prominent Italian film critic, Adriano Aprà, as part of ‘Fuorinorma’ (Out of the Norm), a project and a book selecting the best New Italian experimental cinema of the last 15 years.

It is the view of Culture Journal Ireland that it is a great shame that most of Tides success has been away from these shores. Aside from a screening in Belfast and a fantastic triumphant home coming in an outside screening on the banks of the Foyle in Derry in 2017, there has been little take-up among Irish festivals for this film. It is hoped that this will change in 2021. For Culture Journal Ireland’s original review go to our post from the 9th May 2017 OFFICIAL TRAILER: https://vimeo.com/325388048

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